Rachel, dear:

My heart is torn with conflicting emotions. Your mother and Millie, Sam and Lena, came down from Newburgh yesterday, expecting to see you. Of course after mutual explanations, they were satisfied.

I stayed overnight and we had a pleasant evening. Talked of little else than you and the babies. I left them at the hotel and hurried to catch the train which I did with five minutes to spare. Just as I took my seat a porter arrived from the hotel and thrust the cable into my hands that for a time announcing the birth of twin girls.

I could not realize the truth and now that I have collected my thoughts, I am sonsuned by rage and anxiety, rage that I should have allowed the necessity of my business to take me away from you and anxiety lest my absence may bave a bad effect on you. I can only gather strength to go on from the knowledge that Lyon will be loyal to his promise to let me know the truth.

Oh. Are you looking for Ryan's website? Sorry. Uh — we might have jumped into things.

Ryan is normally reachable at ryan@nation.io. He's also on Twitter. What does Ryan do? Ryan normally meanders about and tries to do ridiculous things at NATION. Before that, he was the court jester at Solana Labs, the organization that built the Solana network.